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Arin - 7th character released in Pangya

Albatross18 007
Albatross18G 001

Age: 20

Type: Buy-able Character

Price: 32,000 Pang

Bio: Coming from a prestigious family of wizards and mages, Arin has sorcery and magic in her blood. She graduated top of her class from WizWiz - the top school for magic in all the realms of Pangya. This honor has made her extremely popular on her native island, and coupled with her kind heart and stunning beauty, Arin is known as the most eligible bachelorette on Pangya Island. One day, while visitin a local Albatross18 tournament, Arin saw Max and instantly fell head over heels for him. It truly was love at first sight. And despite how shy she gets anytime Max is near, Arin has a penchant for showing off her magic skills and actually plays her best Albatross18 games when many people are watching. She dedicated herself to practicing Albatross18 in the hopes to impress Max. This dedication has paid off, and Arin is now known for her amazing accuracy and finely balanced game.

Character Stats:

Power: 11

Control: 10

Accuracy: 9

Spin: 2

Curve: 4

Tip: If you want to atleast be able to make some chip-ins, upgrade your spin so it is atleast 7. Your accuracy should be atleast 13 due to the fact that Arin has high accuracy.

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