PY Cecilia

Cecilia: Oldest Female in Pangya

Also Known As: Cecilia / Cesilia / Anglina

Age: 27 Specialty: Woods Strengths: Accuracy

Type: Buy-able Character

Price: 27,000 Pang

Bio: Don't mistake Cecilia's beauty and grace for daintiness. This lady loves to operate heavy machinery. Cecilia served as Captain on the naval battle cruiser Silvia, where she was known not only for her beauty and elegance, but for her leadership and nautical skills. Cecilia has exceptional accuracy and a strong sense of direction, but the perfectionist in her can cause her to overthink her shots, making her control a bit unsteady at times

Character Stats:

Power: 10

Control: 9

Accuracy: 6

Spin: 2

Curve: 6

Tip: Cecilia is NOT for beginners. A Defenite upgrade in accuracy and spin here. You might want to work on the control too. In order to do a tomahawk you need to hit pangys right?

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