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Name - Air Lance

Total Upgrade Cost - 4,100 Pang

Stats - Power +6, Control +6, Accuracy +4, Spin +3, Curve +3

Slots - Accuracy +1

Obtained By - You get it when you first create your character.

Level Req. - Rookie F


Name - Lucky Air Lance Set

Total Upgrade Cost - 11,300 Pang

Stats - Control +9, Accuracy +6, Spin +1, Curve +1

Slots - Control +2, Accuracy +1, Spin +1, Curve +1

Obtained By - Pipin's Tutorial Mode

Level Req. - Rookie F

  • You can only use the Lucky Air Lance Set 'til Beginner A
  • This clubset has NO power whatsoever, but gives you +10 Pixels, on your PangYa Bar
  • This Clubset lacks Spin.
  • You get this club when you finish intemediate section of Pippin's Tutorial.

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