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Name: Kaz

Type: Buy-able Character

Price: PP 32000

Age: 18

Bio: In the darkest corner of Pangya Island there resides a cursed clan known only as Ru. Masters of the sword and black magic, the Ru have always kept an alliance to the dark arts. Strongest of all Ru is the boy who casts the darkest shadow. With each step, all he touches becomes enshrouded in his dark soul. This boy is Kaz. And according to island lore, Kaz is the successor to the Demon King. Heroes would recount of a boy who the Demon King boasted as the one who would reign next, promising to bring a new dynasty of evil to Pangya Island. However, Kaz's eyes are full of a sadness for a lost memory, not of the dark evil seemingly destined for him... For it was one year ago, on the eve of Kaz's inheritance to the throne of evil, did his sweetheart, Karin, sacrifice her life for him. To keep Kaz from being consumed by the Demon King's evil soul, Karin gave her life to save him. This traumatic event was repressed deep inside Kaz, making him lose his memory, and only leaving irrepressible grief. Now, Karin's spirit embraces and follows Kaz, keeping constant watch over her past love. She helps to provide the strength he needs to push forward. The Albatross18 tournament is the very place he he now knows where he can find the clues he needs... the clues to recover his lost memory.

Character Stats:

Power: 12

Control: 11

Accuracy: 8

Spin: 3

Curve: 3

Tip: Not sure what so say about Kaz. His stats are pretty decent. Just upgrade spin and accuracy by like 2 or 3 and you should be fine.

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