Also Known As - Scout / Ken / Nuri / Leori / Nico
PY Scout

Scout of PangYa

Albatross18G 046
Albatross18G 052

Age - 15

Type - Starter Character (If you chose Hana instead, you can buy Scout for 18,000 Pang in the shop.)

Specialty - Irons

Strengths - Control and stability

Although Scout has only been playing golf for a year, he possesses strong fundamentals and an uncanny love for the game. He was invited to the Realms of Pangya by Pipin, a Cross Chronos Clan member from the island of Pangya. Pipin invited Scout because she recognized his love for the game and desire to constantly improve. Scout has an optimistic personality and is extremely patient, opting for safe plays over very aggressive ones. He has excellent basic skills and great club control, but lacks power and distance.

Stats - Each Character has it's own set of Base Statistics to start with.

Power: 9

Control: 11

Accuracy: 6

Spin: 2

Curve: 2

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